Healthy Recipe Swap & Chef’s Tip Guide


This print-friendly Healthy Recipe Swap & Chef’s Tip Guide includes all of my favorite swaps and secrets so you can get fit with easy, restaurant-style meals at home.


As a Chef, I love inspired, mouth-watering meals. As a Nutrition Coach, I want every meal to fuel my energy, nourish my body and get me in shape! What’s my trick to achieving both? My simple yet delicious swaps for healthier meals and recipes.  Whether you’re a novice or expert chef in the kitchen, my downloadable Recipe Swap Guide & Chef’s Tips will teach you how to make your favorite meals and recipes healthier without sacrificing a bit of flavor.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to swap a processed, unhealthy ingredient for an all-natural ingredient to nourish your body with the good stuff
  • How to reduce the excess fat and calories that you don’t need with the lean and clean ingredients that you do
  • My favorite tips and tricks for restaurant-style, savory meals including how to add richness, depth and flavor to a recipe while making it even more nutritious.
  • How to take your desserts and baked goods from full of fat, sugar and unhealthy carbs to full of good-for-you nutrition without losing flavor or moistness.  I’ve included a HUGE section on how to replace processed white flour, white sugar, unhealthy fats and more for decadent desserts that won’t sabotage your health goals.
  • Dairy, gluten-free and even Vegan swaps for those with food allergies
  • My recipe suggestions to walk you through how to incorporate these incredible swaps and substitutions

I know that success is in the details, so I’ve written this downloadable and print-friendly guide in paragraph form with clear instructions so you can easily replicate these amazing tricks and tips in your kitchen.

Easy Ordering Instructions:  After ordering through secured checkout via PayPal (either with your credit card as a guest or with your PayPal account), you will then be redirected back to the Order Page on this website.  Simply download your Recipe Swap & Chef’s Tip Guide from your Order Page.


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