Valerie Cogswell hates diet food.

Uniquely positioned as both an acclaimed Nutrition Expert and Chef, Valerie uses the science of blood sugar stabilization and her love of easy, deliciously balanced food to guide her both her audience and personal clients to success.

Whether one on one coaching, presenting to an audience or consulting, Valerie’s style is energetic, engaging, approachable, thoughtful, made for real life and really fun! In the past fourteen years, she has coached thousands of clients to success, provided compelling speaking engagements for companies and elite organizations nation wide and provided professional recipe development services for a variety of companies.

Valerie is also a TV Chef, represented by Swoon Talent Agency and a regular guest on WAAF; Boston’s most popular rock radio station.  Her secret?  She creates restaurant-style recipes that are both decadent and easily re-created in your own kitchen. Designed to go far beyond just being “healthy,” her all-natural recipes deliver the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat to balance your blood sugar and help you to burn fat, build lean muscle and boost your performance, metabolism and energy. Here’s how she got started:

After graduating with a BS in Culinary Nutrition and an AAS in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University, Valerie became a Certified Nutrition Coach through the International Board of Nutrition & Fitness Coaching (IBNFC). She began working with clients in the south shore of her home state, Massachusetts and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Upon landing in Atlanta, Valerie quickly became a sought after Nutrition Coach, speaking to millions of listeners during a popular radio segment on Atlanta’s STAR 94 about the value of blood sugar stabilization while continuing to work with thousands of clients of varying backgrounds across the country, helping them to let go of their dieting pasts and achieve their personal health goals.

Now living in Boston, Valerie serves as Nutrition Expert and Chef for O2X, a human performance company created by Navy Seals, delivering engaging presentations and cooking demonstrations for organizations like the Boston Fire Department and elite corporations.  She is a Nutrition Expert and Speaker for Vistage Worldwide, presenting to executives on how to optimize health and performance through the power of nutrition .

Valerie also serves as Head Chef, Lead Nutrition Coach and Director of Operations at Venice Nutrition, where she creates a wide array of mouth-watering, fat-blasting recipes used by millions of members around the world. You can currently find her recipes in the New York Times best-selling book Body Confidence and the new book, Why Kids Make You Fat… And How to Get Your Body Back, written by Celebrity Nutritionist Mark Macdonald.

Valerie’s recipes have been featured on prominent websites such as,, and, where she is a regular contributor, and her cooking videos have appeared on and HLN News.

Due to her love of all natural, real food, Valerie has happily partnered with some amazing companies to create balanced recipes and cooking videos and is always on the lookout for more companies that promote a smart and natural approach to food. If your company shares the same approach, please fill out the form HERE.

Valerie regularly provides speaking engagements and cooking demos for companies and organizations looking to teach their employees and members the science of blood sugar stabilization  — showing how to make easy, deliciously balanced food fit into a busy lifestyle to drastically improve performance and health. If you would like to book Valerie for an event, please email Valerie here.

Interested in One-on-One Nutrition Coaching with Valerie?  Valerie has personally coached thousands of clients from all backgrounds and goal types to let go of dieting and get fit with the food they love.  She specializes in the science of blood sugar stabilization and teaches her clients how to naturally burn fat, increase their metabolism and lean muscle, boost their energy, reduce cravings, fatigue and chronic pain and improve their health and performance.   Valerie customizes each of her client’s programs to match their unique and busy lifestyles (including career and family life), goals and health challenges through her successful 8 week phone coaching package.  If interested, please contact her here.  

Valerie Cogswell




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