About My Recipes

Sick of diet food? You’re in the right place. Like you, I love to eat, hate diet food and want to be fit and healthy and feel young, energized and sexy. In the past twelve years in the nutrition industry, I’ve watched every “diet” imaginable come and go and I’ve learned that if it’s not sustainable for life, it’s NOT worth your time or the risk of slowing your metabolism.

I’m a firm believer in not just whole, natural foods to nourish and heal the body, but also eating meals (and snacks) with the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat every 3 to 4 hours to stabilize your blood sugar and help you to naturally release stored fat, increase lean muscle (hello faster metabolism) and boost energy while reducing sugar cravings.

This is the way our bodies are designed to eat and my recipes reflect this science. But don’t get me wrong- as important as the nutrition is, the Chef in me makes sure that every recipe is decadent, inspired and absolutely mouth-watering!

Personally, I lean towards fruits, vegetables, complete proteins and healthy fats in every meal and snack. I go organic as often as possible and I occasionally eat dairy and whole grains and love gluten free options as well- my recipes reflect all of this. My mission? To get you fit using all natural, restaurant-style food as my medium. Because let’s be honest. Diet food sucks.

~ Valerie

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