About Valerie Cogswell


Meet Valerie

Certified Nutrition Coach & Chef Valerie Cogswell has personally coached thousands of clients on how to let go of dieting and get fit with the food they love. Her vibrant recipes, used by millions, are specifically designed to stabilize your blood sugar levels and help you to naturally burn fat, sculpt lean muscle and boost your metabolism and energy. LEARN MORE


She doesn’t do “diet” food. As a Chef, Valerie’s food is bold & flavorful. As a Nutrition Expert, she strives for more than just “health” food. It’s decadent food that gets you fit!

Each recipe is uniquely designed to keep your blood sugar stable and help you to naturally burn fat, build muscle, increase metabolism & energy and reduce sugar cravings.

If it’s not good enough to serve in a restaurant, you won’t find it here! Instead you’ll find all-natural, restaurant style recipes easy to recreate in your own kitchen!

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