Lightened Up Lobster Salad

Lightened Up Lobster Salad

This picture makes me so happy. It’s literally a pile of freshly made lobster salad. If you’re from New England like me, this picture probably makes you very happy too.   My trick for lightened up lobster salad is simple- let the lobster shine through and keep it light but super flavorful with a combination of real mayonnaise and plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt helps to balance the mayonnaise and allows you to really taste the sweetness of the lobster.   Plus it cuts the fat in half.   Lobster is an awesome source of lean protein and surprisingly has bone-building minerals like calcium and phosphorous and Vitamin B12.  That being said, it’s naturally high in sodium and cholesterol so it’s not something you want to eat daily.  If you’re splurging then go ahead and serve this on a toasted bun (hey- I’m a Boston girl).  But there are some delicious and healthier alternatives that you may want to consider such as serving the lobster salad on top of greens or wrapped in a lettuce leaf, which is what I like to do.   This “recipe” is casual and doesn’t include amounts; just base the amounts on what feels right and your personal tastes.  This recipe was also featured on the New England Patriot’s Website!

Lightened Up Lobster Salad

  • fresh lobster meat, chopped into big bite size chunks
  • real mayonnaise (I like organic)
  • plain 2% Greek Yogurt
  • celery, chopped very small
  • sea salt
  • bun or Boston lettuce to wrap it in or serve on a salad
  1. In a bowl, whisk together equal parts mayonnaise and Greek yogurt.  Season to taste with sea salt.  Very gently, combine the lobster meat and celery with the mayo-yogurt combo.  Taste and adjust salt if necessary.  Enjoy!

This recipe has a good balance of protein and fat.  Add a bun or salad for a complete meal.

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