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I love fruit crisp and I also love how easy it is to make this dessert healthy!  How? Skip the processed white sugar and sweeten with pure maple syrup (the real stuff) and coconut sugar instead.  And for the topping, I swap nutritionally-void white flour...

Ever have a moment when you are just absolutely craving a cold, sweet and fruity smoothie? My favorite Spicy Strawberry Mango Smoothie is the answer to your prayers; it's naturally sweet, full of antioxidant-rich, lush berries and mango and even has a little kick thanks...

I only recently started enjoying margaritas. And mainly because previously I had only ever had them made with sour mix, which not only tastes pretty bad but is also loaded in hydrogenated corn syrup, sugar and artificial ingredients (read:  instant hangover!)  If you're a true...

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