Valerie had the honor of leading an interactive and informative nutrition presentation and cooking demonstration for the heroes of the Boston Fire Department.  The goal was to teach these brave men and women how to work balanced nutrition into their busy fire and home lives.  Valerie serves as a Nutrition Specialist & Chef for O2X, an innovative health performance company designed to educate elite organizations like the Boston Fire Department on a complete approach to wellness including conditioning, nutrition, sleep, stress and resilience. Learn More about O2X.   
As a regular contributor to the New England Patriots website, Nutrition Chef Valerie knows what football fans want to eat on game day!  This Corn, Bacon & Avocado Dip is deceptively healthy (not to mention delicious and easy to make!)  How does Valerie get away with adding corn and bacon to a dip and calling it healthy?  Keep reading to find out...
Need a go-to smoothie for those busy mornings and afternoons? Try my Banana Almond Smoothie - It’s sweet, simple and perfectly balanced to help you burn fat, build muscle, increase your energy and reduce cravings. If you use a really sweet protein powder, a touch of vegan yogurt or low fat plain Greek yogurt can help balance the smoothie.  Make sure to check out this smoothie AND follow the amazing women at Blender Babes- you'll find so many cool recipes and health tips!
Nutrition Coach & Chef, Valerie Cogswell's mouth-watering, fat burning recipes are featured in the book, "Why Kids Make You Fat...And How to Get Your Body Back."  Written by Mark Macdonald, this book includes a proven eight week plan for busy parents to lose weight, easy recipes (including family style options), real-life strategies and a specific workout regimen.
Many people resort to extreme diet trends in order to lose weight. But Valerie Cogswell, a certified nutrition coach and chef, will tell you that the secret to looking and feeling healthy is not deprivation, but properly fueling the body. The Weymouth resident, who spends much of her time cooking up delicious recipe ideas in her home kitchen, doesn’t like “diet” food. Instead, she specializes in creating all-natural, restaurant-quality dishes that deliver the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Eating this way balances blood sugar levels, which in turn helps burn fat, build lean muscle and boost metabolism and energy.

Say hello to the Cuban, a take on the always-popular ham and cheese sandwich. Bar hop around Boston and you’re sure to find one on the menu somewhere. And because I have had several requests for a leaner, fat-blasting Cuban sandwich, I went to work....

With temperatures and activity levels dropping and stress levels increasing, it’s important to load up on vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to stay lean and healthy and to avoid illness. This roundup of vibrant and flavorful side dishes has only 230 calories or less per serving and is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Pair these stunning sides with your favorite lean proteins at your next meal or gathering and stay healthy all season long. See More

Valerie was hired by the Power Crunch in Irvine, CA to prepare two decadent, protein-packed desserts for their filmed Media/Blog Event for over 50 top bloggers. These restaurant-style nutritious desserts were a huge HIT! Power Crunch is a market leader in smart protein nutrition… See More...

Ready for some yum? A serving of this sweet recipe is packed with the power of canned pumpkin—it's filled with beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A and helps boost immunity and may even help in the prevention of coronary heart disease.  It also contains fiber and protein. Some extra protein is figured in using Power Crunch powders and energy bars.
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