Your Career: Get Over Your Fear of Failure!

Your Career: Get Over Your Fear of Failure!

Have you ever had an idea for a business or a dream career that you just can’t stop thinking about?  Have you ever thought about what is really stopping you?

My guess is fear.

Fear of whether your plan would work out or how you could realistically create a successful business (while likely working another job) or how you would pay the bills.  Sound familiar?

This is what happened to me – I had a vision of the career I wanted to create but life had already kicked my butt for almost a decade and fear of failure weighed heavy on my chest.

But I made a choice. I gathered my fears (and anger over what I had been through), used those emotions to my advantage and built a really cool business.  Because of this, I was approached by FRANK to share my story.  FRANK is an amazing newsletter about real women making waves in their careers and life.  That being said, I forward FRANK articles to Kyle (guy I’m dating) and my guy friends who are building businesses too.  Check out my article on FRANK here.  It may just help you to let go of the fear.  Because life is too short not to go for it friends.


XX Valerie






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