Get Buzzed, Not Bloated! How to Drink & Be Fit.

Get Buzzed, Not Bloated! How to Drink & Be Fit.

Aaaah, summer in Boston.  The beach, warm nights, rooftop decks, bare shoulders…I love every ounce of it so I’m holding on tight to these last few weeks of it.  And like most of you, I drink more often in the summer than any other season.  Maybe it’s because I know a cold winter is just right around the corner.  Or maybe a cocktail and a warm breeze feel just right.

Either way, it’s not lost on me that despite eating and drinking more, we show a lot more skin in the summer! So, here’s my fool proof plan to avoid the bloat and weight gain that comes with more alcohol.  Plus a few tips to help you dodge the head pounding hangover too.  You’re welcome.

Pick your poison wisely.  When I first started drinking, I was a Bud Light girl (don’t laugh, it’s a hometown thing.)  And despite the fact that I’m a light weight and need only a few beers to feel a buzz, I always felt like I got hit by a truck the next morning. My head would pound, my sinuses burned, my nose got stuffy and my stomach felt like I swallowed a balloon.  So clearly I had a bit of a beer allergy (only took me 10 years to figure that one out, ha) but my friends usually felt pretty awful too- turns out the wheat in beer causes major bloating.  And we all know an entire summer of beer will likely lead to a beer belly.

With age comes wisdom (my mom would be so proud of me for saying that!) and these days I drink gluten free vodka like Tito’s or Deep Eddy Vodka.  Going gluten free helps me to avoid inflammation and a horrible hangover.  Plus one shot of plain vodka has only 60 calories, so I can stay on track with my health goals.  Typically I’ll order Tito’s or Deep Eddy (or whatever gluten free vodka the bar has) in a tall glass with plain water, ice and fruit like lime, lemon, orange, and fresh or muddled berries if they’re available.   The flavor is mild and the extra water keeps me hydrated and helps to flush out any extra bloating. Oh, and I get a buzz. Mission accomplished!

I have some clients that will add just a splash of fruit juice for extra flavor and calorie free club soda (though club soda will absolutely cause some temporary bloating.)

Wanna try an all natural dessert shot? Try my favorite Vodka Coconut Cream & Berry Shots…I’m obsessed with these!

If you’re nervous about drinking hard liquor, ask the bartender to go “light on the vodka”, sip slowly and make sure you eat (more on that later.)  And I’m not a tequila fan but tequila is gluten free and a little goes a long way!

I’m also a fan of gluten free hard apple cider which feels light when I need a break from vodka.  Hard apple cider is made of apples (obviously) and full of Vitamin C and antioxidants.  On the flip side it’s typically loaded in sugar, so I usually only have one.  Or ask your bartender for a low sugar apple cider like Harpoon Cider, Samuel Smith Organic Cider, Magners Irish Cider Original or Crispin Original Cider.  And wine is great of course, but I tend to skip it because it gives me the worst headache ever.

Pair your alcohol with a balanced meal.  When I was 16 our driver’s education class instructor who was no dummy and knew high school kids drank, taught us to not drink and drive (agreed) and to load up on a huge plate of pasta or a carb heavy meal before drinking. I took his advice to heart and for years, every Saturday night I would carb load thinking it would help me to pace myself and avoid a hangover.  Big mistake.  A carb heavy meal causes weight gain and for me a massive hangover the next day.  These days, I try to pair my alcohol with a balanced gluten free meal. I’ll have a clean protein like chicken, filet, or seafood paired with lots of vegetables or a salad.   This way I can skip the bloat and I feel light and headache free the next day.  Just one more way eating balanced and clean can make you feel better!

Exercise the next day.  If I wake up and I’m feeling like I drank the night before (never a good thing), I always sweat it out the next day with a workout session.  Even if it’s just a power walk to get the blood flowing. You should too.

And whatever you do, please be responsible and find a designated driver.  Please.  Drinking and driving destroys lives.  If you found this article useful, please share it!

Have a beautiful end of summer and stay safe my friends!

xx Valerie


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