Falling hard for Valerie’s recipes? It happens.

Interested in working with Valerie? Valerie has happily partnered with some amazing companies to create balanced recipes and cooking videos and is always on the lookout for more companies that promote a smart and natural approach to food. Valerie also provides speaking engagements and cooking demos for companies and organizations to teach their employees and members how to live a healthy lifestyle and optimize their performance while indulging in easy, deliciously balanced food.

Interested in One-on-One Nutrition Coaching with Valerie?  Valerie has personally coached thousands of clients from all backgrounds and goal types to let go of dieting and get fit with the food they love.  She specializes in the science of blood sugar stabilization and teaches her clients how to naturally burn fat, increase their metabolism and lean muscle, boost their energy, reduce cravings, fatigue and chronic pain and improve their health and performance.   Valerie customizes each of her client’s programs to match their unique and busy lifestyles (including career and family life), goals and health challenges. If interested in working with Valerie for an 8 week phone coaching package, please complete the form below.  Valerie will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have, provide details about the process including package rates and together determine if the program is a fit for you.  Valerie’s Shopping Guide and Healthy Recipe Swap Guide go hand-in-hand with her coaching plan and are designed to help you shop at the market like a nutrition expert, eat like a chef and get fit with amazing food!  Get fit with these awesome guides here.

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